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UN praises Egypt's great sacrifices, achievements in peacekeeping operations

Egypt Today 30 May 2024
The UN also hailed Egypt’s great sacrifices, as 60 brave blue helmets from Egypt sacrificed their lives for the sake of peace ... Reflections on 76 years of Peacekeeping operations and Egypt's track record.".

Feast of Holy Family: Great day for Egypt

Watani 29 May 2024
the Feast of the Entry of the Holy Family into Egypt ... There they lived in a cavern for the longest interval of their stay in Egypt, till the angel again appeared to St Joseph saying ... “O Egypt, a small Child and His family fled to you long ago.

President Sisi, Chinese counterpart laud tangible progress in bilateral ties

Egypt Today 29 May 2024
China voiced support for Egypt’s “Decent Life” initiative, which aims to improve the infrastructure and living conditions of citizens in the Egyptian countryside, the statement read.

Loved Egyptian Night: The aftermath of the Arab Spring unveiled

The New Arab 29 May 2024
Loved Egyptian Night is particularly strong in its discussion of the Arab Spring in Egypt, where Roberts lived from 2001 to 2012 leading the North Africa division of the International Crisis Group, a ...

Israeli Army denies hitting Rafah tent amid global outcry: 'Efforts made to minimize casualties but...'

Live Mint 29 May 2024
About half of Gaza's population have been living in Rafah, the southernmost post of exit from Gaza city bordering Egypt's Sinai peninsula.Israel's operation in the Gazan city of Rafah on Sunday night ...

Doctors fight to save British woman

The Daily Mail 29 May 2024
A British holidaymaker says doctors had to fight hard to save her life after she came back to the UK from a four-star package holiday in Egypt with hepatitis, which she said was caused by the poor hygiene of the resort's staff.

Why are the Russian icons 'Mystic Marriage of Saint Catherine' considered so rare?

Russia Beyond 29 May 2024
This image in a silver case is not a frequent subject for Orthodox Christian iconography ... St. Catherine the Great Martyr is an early Christian saint who lived in Egypt in the 3rd century AD ... In the paintings, an infant Jesus gives St ... St ... Dear readers, ... .

Why is Rohit Sharma’s wife getting trolled? Ritika Sajdeh deletes Instagram Story after social media post irks netizens

Live Mint 29 May 2024
... but symbolic gesture.More than a million people, making up about half of Gaza's population, have been living in Rafah, the southernmost exit point of Gaza near Egypt's Sinai peninsula. Also Read.

‘Terrorism, moral depravity, disgusting…’ anger erupts over Nikki Haley's ‘Finish Them’ message on Israeli shell

Live Mint 29 May 2024
... 1.4 million Palestinians seeking shelter,' Iran's Embassy in India posted on X.About half of Gaza's population, or over a million people, have been living in Rafah, bordering Egypt's Sinai peninsula.

Ancient Egyptian Medical Experts Apparently Tried to Treat Brain Cancer

Ancient Origins 28 May 2024
... their skills and achievements in this area, as it produces evidence to show that Egyptian healers apparently tried to treat cancer in an individual who lived in Egypt more than 4,000 years ago.

Ancient Gods & ETs Among Us Today – The Exopolitical Implications

Exopolitics 28 May 2024
Ancient literature from around the world is filled with information about powerful gods living and walking among humanity. Pharaonic Egypt had many temples and pyramids that hold rich evidence about ...

Top news on May 28: HAL stock in focus, Rafale deal, Ram Rahim's acquittal, Israel-Gaza war update and more

Live Mint 28 May 2024
Top news today ... Read More2 ... Read More3 ... Read More4 ... About half of Gaza's population, or over a million people, have been living in Rafah, the southernmost post of exit from Gaza city bordering Egypt's Sinai peninsula. Read More5 ... Read More  .

Wu-Tang Clan's rare album once owned by 'pharma bro' to be played at Tasmanian museum

RNZ 28 May 2024
By Clancy Balen, ABC ... The listening sessions will be held twice a day ... Album originally bought by 'pharma bro' Martin Shkreli ... New owners 'honoured' ... "To put it in an art gallery make music become a living piece like a Mona Lisa or a sceptre from Egypt.

Revealed: Only copy of world

The Daily Mail 28 May 2024
The world's rarest album which only a few people around the world have ever listened to is going on display at a gallery in Australia ... Read More ... To put it in an art gallery, make music become a living piece like a Mona Lisa or a sceptre from Egypt ... .

'I'm not sure this helps us much': European countries are recognizing an official Palestinian state

Usatoday 28 May 2024
It has a flag. A national anthem. Diplomats ... and larger European nations have not joined, bring full Palestinian statehood closer, and improve the lives of Palestinians? ... The U.S ... Shaban escaped Gaza three months ago and currently lives in Cairo, Egypt.